What’s the buzz?

The Malaria Eradication Interactive Project is a public health resource where users can find engaging, concise, dedicated, and easy-to-understand information about the global burden of malaria and strategies for eliminating the disease.

Mapping the Story

The Interactive Malaria Maps on the Malaria Eradication Interactive Project are digital tools that allow users to visualize data on the distribution of malaria around the world and explore relationships between economic status and malaria incidence. The Global Incidence map displays the spatial epidemiology of malaria from 2000 to 2020, and the Malaria Incidence and GDP map shows the association, measured by the correlation coefficient (r), between disease incidence and country-level GDP. These maps offer features such as zooming and filtering by year, as well as the ability to view data by country. They are intended for use by a wide range of audiences, including public health officials, researchers, policymakers, and the general public. (All global malaria incidence data and GDP per capita data used in the interactive maps were retrieved from the World Bank Open Data.)

Following the Journey

The Journey to Being Malaria-Free page provides information about the prevention, control, and treatment interventions used by WHO certified malaria-free countries, as well as the challenges and lessons learned during the process. This information can be valuable for stakeholders from malaria-endemic countries looking to adapt successful strategies to their own context. The page also emphasizes the importance of sharing resources, expertise, and best practices, and forming partnerships between governments, international organizations, and civil society organizations in the fight against malaria. Overall, the page encourages an open-minded and collaborative approach to malaria eradication. (All global malaria incidence data used in the graphs were retrieved from the World Bank Open Data.)

Call to Action: Malaria Eradication

This Call to Action remains relevant and important today!

“Any goal short of eradicating malaria is accepting malaria; it’s making peace with malaria; it’s rich countries saying: ‘We don’t need to eradicate malaria around the world as long as we’ve eliminated malaria in our own countries.’ That’s just unacceptable.” - Melinda Gates, 2007