WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region

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Certified Malaria-Free Countries

Country Countries certified malaria-free Countries where malaria never existed or disappeared without specific measures
Bahrain 2012
Jordan 2012
Kuwait 1963
Lebanon 2012
Libya 2012
Morocco 2010
Qatar 2012
Tunisia 2012
United Arab Emirates 2007
WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region: Certified Malaria-Free Countries

Regional Scenario 2021

  • Accounted for 2.5% of global malaria cases - contributed by seven malaria-endemic countries with Sudan carrying the heaviest malaria burden (54%) in the region.
  • Missed the GTS 2020 morbidity and mortality milestones* and remains off track by 60% and 65%, respectively.

*The Global Technical Strategy (GTS) aims for a reduction in malaria case incidence and mortality rate of at least 40% by 2020, 75% by 2025, and 90% by 2030 from a 2015 baseline.


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